The Land of Shapes is publishing  a series of picture / read-aloud books for young readers that incorporate basic geometric shapes and concepts with stories that explore life themes.  The Adventures of Symmy the Square and the Land of Shapes is the first book.  Symmy, in this adventure, unwittingly leaves his hometown of Four Corners and, for the first time, is exposed to different shapes from other towns in the Land of Shapes.    This book was written with the 2000-2004 National Council of Teachers of Mathematics geometry standards in mind.  Among many other recommendations, the NCTM advises that in prekindergarten through grade 2 students should recognize and create shapes that have symmetry.  In grades 3-5, students should also develop vocabulary to describe the attributes of shapes, explore congruency and similarity, test conjectures about geometric properties and relationships and apply them to other disciplines and to problems that arise in everyday life.